Design Means so Many Things…

Research in design.  Design Education.  Learning about Design.  Using capital letters when spelling “design”.  Mysteries of design.  The vagueness of design.  The mythical beast of design.  The design intrinsic to all things.  The design and fabric of life.  The scent of design.  The rapture of design.  The swoon and swoop of design.  The lines and shapes in design.  The curves and clumps, the feel and texture, the rough and tumble, the straight and narrow, the short and tight, the nudges and increments, the size and shape, color and hue, movement and stucknesss.  How ever shall we define design?

Design is ham hocks in your corn flakes.  Campbells soup cans painted on canvas.  Even blankness, with absolutely NOTHING there on the canvas, is design.  I guess by virtue of the color selection.  What kind of blankness is created by that color.  What sort of flavor is in the air.

Design is abstract.  Always is abstract, even a straight line and a square are abstracts.  Until there is some sort of abstract discussion, there is no “design”.  It doesn’t exist until you call it to life in discussion.

Design for a writer means every word counts.  Design for a painter means every stroke counts.  Design for life means every moment counts.  Design for happiness means every millisecond counts.

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